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As an Enrollment Management Report subscriber for several years, I can say that the publication consistently provides thought-provoking articles from actual enrollment management administrators, giving me firsthand knowledge and experience. I use it to stay on the pulse of what is happening in the higher education marketplace.
Debra Williamson, vice president for Enrollment Management, Charleston Southern University, Charleston, SC

Every month, Enrollment Management Report delivers ongoing coverage of the issues you need to know and practical ideas you can implement today. Issues like:

  • strategic enrollment management
  • one-stop shops
  • online applications and registration technology
  • recruiting adult learners
  • recruiting international students
  • cross-campus collaborations

Top 5 Reasons to Subscribe

  1. Stay current with innovations in recruitment
  2. Hear about the retention strategies your colleagues are successfully using
  3. Discover effective enrollment techniques in the current economy
  4. Learn how new technologies are changing the admissions process
  5. Be up to date on the latest OCR and FPCO decisions that will affect your office

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There's no getting around it -- your best strategies to attract and retain students changed with the Great Recession. Your challenge might be to meet enrollment targets so your tuition-driven institution can make payroll. Or it might be to accommodate the influx of students seeking an advance in the competition for scarce jobs.

You need new approaches that will work right now. Wouldn't it be great to have a resource that keeps you up to date with the issues and strategies affecting enrollment, admissions, recruitment and retention?

Every month, Enrollment Management Report delivers practical guidance for every aspect of your job. You'll hear straight from leaders in your field on what's working, what isn't, and why. And you'll get the latest information on how to ensure data-driven decision-making, cross-campus collaborations, and strategic enrollment management--from inquiry to alumni, in these featured columns:

Recruitment and Retention -- details strategies for attracting and retaining students and coordinating these activities across campus. For example, how one college trained faculty to recruit students for their majors by modeling an athletic recruiter's techniques, and another customized a handbook for adult learners to help them feel more connected to the institution.

Financial Aid -- examines the latest trends in aid packages, such as North Carolina A&T State University's just-in-time grants to student who could not afford to pay their tuition bills, plus ways to keep students away from scholarship scams and how to use electronic signatures.

Lawsuits & Rulings -- updates you on the latest court cases and FPCO decisions involving financial aid, dismissal, FERPA, and other issues--so you can ensure your policies and procedures comply with the latest rulings.

Strategies for Success-- gives you advice from experts on how to approach a specific aspect of enrollment management , such as how Western Carolina University eliminated problems caused by inaccurate rosters--so you can duplicate what works.

Idea File -- explains creative, manageable solutions to everyday problems, such as how to boost distance education enrollment and how instant messaging can help you connect with potential students.

Managing Your Office -- offers tips on how to improve your management skills, from hiring and retaining the best employees, to collaborating with other departments, and more.

Recruit and retain the best students -- even in these challenging economic times -- with Enrollment Management Today.

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